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2023 Crypto Predictions: Inflation, Recession, and SEC Regulations on the Horizon

• The start of 2023 has been tumultuous, with crypto bankruptcies, inflation, and recession impacting markets.
• Robert Kiyosaki has said that the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will „crush“ most cryptos with regulations, other than bitcoin.
• Michael Burry and Peter Schiff have predicted an inflation spike, and that the U.S. will be in a recession soon.

The start of 2023 has been gloomy, with the effects of crypto bankruptcies, inflation, and recession looming darkly on the horizon. This week, investors and economists have been weighing in on the situation and forecasting what we can expect in the coming months.

Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki spoke up about his thoughts on the matter, saying that other than bitcoin, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission is going to „crush“ most cryptos with regulations. He noted that this was why he was buying more bitcoin and advised others to do the same. This comes after the SEC has cracked down on several crypto businesses with cease and desist letters in the past few weeks, leading to some of them filing for bankruptcy.

Michael Burry, the hedge fund manager who famously forecasted the 2008 financial crisis, has spoken about the current inflation rate. He said that it has peaked in the U.S., but there will be another inflation spike. He expects that the U.S. economy will be in a recession „by any definition“ in the near future.

Economist Peter Schiff also weighed in on the situation, predicting that the U.S. dollar will have „one of its worst years ever“ in 2023. He warned of the impending inflation, saying that it is „about to get much worse“.

Despite all these warnings and forecasts, peer-to-peer exchange without the need for institutions stifling economic freedom (the original value proposition of bitcoin) remains a reality. The crypto news continues to roll in, showing that there is no shortage of information and insights. This is the Bitcoin.com News Week in Review.

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