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: CoinEx Charity Empowers Education: 20K+ Children Impacted!

• CoinEx Charity has been funding children in poor areas through the Mercy Children’s Educational Welfare Program.
• The Human Development Foundation (HDF) recently released a report thanking CoinEx Charity for its charitable donations to HDF’s slum community in Bangkok, Thailand.
• Funds from CoinEx Charity were used to purchase school supplies and pay school fees for the 100 children living at the Mercy Centre.

CoinEx Charity Funds Educational Welfare Program

CoinEx Charity is dedicated to bringing back children in poor areas to school to continue their education by funding them through the Mercy Children’s Educational Welfare Program. Since 2022, CoinEx Charity has been reaching out to support the Human Development Foundation (HDF), a non-profit and non-denominational charitable foundation located in Klong Toey, the largest slum community in Bangkok, Thailand. This February marks the last month of academic studies for these students who will soon graduate or move up to the next grade.

HDF Report Thanks CoinEx Charity

Recently, HDF released a report thanking CoinEx Charity for its generous donation which was used to purchase school uniforms, shoes, books, stationary, and other essential items as well as pay school fees for the 100 children living at HDF Mercy Centre. The opportunities afforded by education help these kids break out of poverty and gain knowledge and capabilities that will secure them skilled jobs as adults. In its report, HDF noted that despite this difficult year, the students are learning and thriving with love and warmth provided by HDF as well as daily teaching supplies from CoinEx Charity.

CoinEx Supports Future Opportunities

CoinEx is committed to supporting future opportunities for these children through its charitable giving program; providing protection care and appropriate education so they can lead successful lives when they become adults. By helping fund school fees, teaching materials and other necessary supplies these kids have access to quality education even if they come from low-income backgrounds or have HIV/AIDS like many of those living at HDF Mercy Centre.

Breaking Cycles of Poverty

The funds donated by CoinEx also provide more than just education; it provides hope that these children can break cycles of poverty especially since many may not have had access otherwise due to financial constraints or family circumstances such as having HIV/AIDS parents or guardians which can stop them from getting an education. By providing educational resources such as books shoes uniforms etc., not only do families benefit but entire communities benefit too because educated populations are better equipped with skills needed to make positive changes in their communities overall leading to improved socio economic conditions across society .


In conclusion all involved parties should be proud of what has been achieved thanks largely due to generous donations made by organizations like CoinEX charity who took action when it mattered most showing how much it values every child’s right to get an education regardless of background race or social class .

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