Fees at Prime Advantage

First of all, it should be noted that there are no fees for opening an account. Prime Advantage may charge fees for transactions, but these differ depending on the cryptocurrency or investment volume. As an example, we show you a small excerpt. However, since the list is very extensive, we refer you to the corresponding Prime Advantage fee list on the website.

In principle, the higher the trading volume, the lower the relative fees. This fact again illustrates that Prime Advantage could be the ideal choice for investors with high capital.

As you can see, the maker fee at Prime Advantage is lower than the taker fee. This is the case with almost all crypto exchanges. The difference is that when you place a limit order that is not executed immediately, you bring liquidity to the order book. Therefore, you get a discount with the Maker Fee when you use the Limit Order. You pay the Taker Fee for a market order. This order is executed immediately and you get the funds immediately. you take as liquidity from the platform. Basically, the difference between limit and market orders is that with a limit order you can specify the maximum or minimum price at which you want to buy or sell. The order is then written into the order book until the respective price is reached.

Due to the fact that numerous users seem to have used the platform as a private wallet, the operators introduced an inactivity fee. Prime Advantage reserves the right to charge fees if cryptocurrencies are held there for a long period of time. The inactivity fee was most recently $25 per year, although we encourage everyone to take a look at the fee schedule.

Prime Advantage Lending

Prime Advantage Lending is right for people who don’t want to actively trade but still want to get interest. With Prime Advantage Lending you lend your funds to margin traders. So to traders who trade with a leverage. Since the whole thing runs through Prime Advantage you can also be sure that you get your funds back. So you don’t take any risk that you won’t get your funds back.

To use Prime Advantage Lending (or Prime Advantage Lending pro) you have to move your funds from the exchange wallet to the funding wallet. This can all be done at Prime Advantage under Wallets and is done within seconds. There are no fees for this. If you then go to Lending, you have the option to have the funds created automatically. As a rule, the credits are then lent for 2 days. For this time you also get interest. The amount of interest depends on the demand. Sometimes I have lent US Dollar balances for more than 200% interest per year. With the automatic you can make sure that after the expiration of the lending period the credits are created again automatically. The automatic lending system always tries to find the best possible rate and to secure it for you.

Attention: During the time your credits are lent you have no possibility to get them. It is therefore recommended that you set a maximum rental period of 2 days.