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France will tighten up identity verification procedures on exchanges

An ordinance was presented to the Council of Ministers on Wednesday, December 9.

The measures include in particular enhanced identity identification.

Bruno Le Maire presented an ordinance to the Council of Ministers to toughen identity verification procedures on exchanges. French companies or companies operating in France have six months to comply with the new rules.

The tone hardens in France

Bruno Le Maire had announced it during a televised debate in October:

Crypto Code must be more supervised.

This is done with the presentation of an ordinance (n ° 2020-1544) in the Council of Ministers on Wednesday, December 9.

More specifically, French exchanges will have to tighten up customer knowledge processes and request a second proof of identity. The SEPA transfer would be the second proof envisaged by the government.

These new requirements echo the dismantling in France of a terrorist financing network in Syria using cryptocurrencies.

Two weights, two measures

According to Chainalysis and Elliptic, 1% of BTC transactions are illegal. Which would be 3 to 5 times less than the dollar or the euro.

Additionally, Bitcoin’s total capitalization has never exceeded $ 400 billion. This is 3 times less than the money laundered by Deutsche Bank according to the recent “FinCen Files” scandal.

The FinCEN Files have made it possible to identify $ 2,000 billion in suspicious transactions, of which $ 514 billion relate to the bank JP Morgan , and $ 1,300 billion for Deutsche Bank…

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