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Twitter users can now send crypto currencies with Torus

Torus, a crypto key management platform from Singapore, now allows users to send crypto currencies through social networking platforms such as Twitter.

With Torus‘ latest update, v1.7.2, users can now send tokens to any Twitter or GitHub account, even if that account has never used Torus‘ crypto wallet, the firm said.

Torus publicly sends ETH to Buterin, Musk and CZ on Twitter

Torus encourages users to test their wallet by sending Ethereum via Reddit

In announcing the news on Monday, Torus showed a couple of transactions on Twitter, with transfers of 0.01 Ether (ETH) to major crypto figures such as Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, and Elon Musk. At press time, none of them appear to have confirmed the Torus transaction.

Purported ETH transaction to Vitalik Buterin Twitter via Torus

Alleged transaction from ETH to Vitalik Buterin’s Twitter through Torus. Source: Torus Twitter

The new update allows the creation of ETH wallets in one step with Google, Facebook or LinkedIn

According to the announcement, the new update brings six new logins to the Torus Wallet and DirectAuth, a tool that allows users to manage application-specific private keys while storing them in the distributed Torus Network. Thanks to this update, users can now create a new Ethereum blockchain wallet with any of their social identities, including Google, Facebook, Reddit, Twitch, Discord, AppleID, Github, LinkedIn, Twitter, Line, and password-free accounts.


Torus Launches Key Management System to Optimize DeFi

Torus explained that logging into Torus through accounts such as Twitter or password-less logins is based on Auth0, a login service provider that integrates authentication and authorization for web, mobile and legacy applications. Auth0 works as a proxy that links Torus accounts to the verifier such as Twitter or Apple, he explained.


Cointelegraph contacted Torus for additional details about the new feature. This article will be updated pending any new information.


Bitcoin.com offers BCH users a way to send out crypto-currencies via email

Founded in 2018, Torus launched ETH transaction testing on Reddit and Google email accounts in December 2019. In May 2018, Torus launched its DirectAuth non-custodial key management solution to improve login experiences for Web 3.0 applications.


Apparently, Torus isn’t the only company working to drive cryptomonetary transactions across identities linked to various applications and accounts. In late June, the leading cryptomonet website Bitcoin.com introduced a new service that allows users to send any amount of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) via email.

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